But sometimes friends are far away

Many people contact the church because they know that they will receive the confidential support that they need. It may be a relationship breakdown, an illness, a financial crises, or suffering a loss. It doesn't matter the reason. Your concern will be handled in a professional way. The church has a Pastoral Care Team of people which include clergy and lay people who are ready to assist anyone in Chatteris who requests pastoral support. 

Pastoral Care provides emotional and spiritual support by coming alongside. 

Members from the Pastoral Care Team are willing to sit and listen and pray with you. They may put you in touch with another agency if they feel they will better be able to help you. 

Members of the Pastoral Care Team are authorized by the Bishop of Ely to bring Communion to your home. 

They also lead services of worship regularly in Swan House, The Gables, and Lyons' Court.