What is Our vision for Chatteris? 

“As the church rediscovers her vocation,

we want to see an awakening in Chatteris

for the common good.”

our Development Action Planning includes:

1. Nurture confidence in God through a commitment to Christ

2. Grow a healthy church where every member is a minister

3. Support the well-being of Chatteris by offering family support, the Food Bank, and parish nursing

4. Reimagine our building to be a flexible space for the community

5. Target areas for future development

What do we value?


As you enter the church building in Chatteris you will notice 'The Big Thank You' framed on the wall next to the door. It is a list of all sorts of people who give of their time, up front and behind the scenes. Gratitude not only encourages us to express our appreciation for others but it gives us a healthy sense of contentment within ourselves. We are deeply thankful for one another but ultimately we are grateful to God for his costly sacrifice on the cross which opens the way to new Life. This is our focus when we gather each week for Sunday worship.


We pray to be generous and visible people of Jesus Christ by setting aside the best of our time, talent and treasure to bless the work of the church in Chatteris and beyond. Even if we have very little, we can still share what we have because all that we have comes from a generous God. We started Chatteris Food Bank because we have found some people, through no fault of their own, hit a time of crises in their lives when they need to depend upon the generosity of others.  It is a sign that the generous love of God has been poured into our hearts when we are willing to share with others all that we have. 

Greater Good

Christian faith has always been for the greater good. Our outreach through Children and Families' work, Home for Good fostering family support, Elderly care, Safeguarding, Parish Nursing, Schools work, and Jo Cox community events are all intended to help people in our town thrive with health and well-being. We love Chatteris and want to see every aspect flourish. We work alongside others but the church is the only organisation which exists for the sake of those who are not it's members. We also support many charities and oversees aid agencies including a community in Mali, Africa. With the help of God, we want to be a blessing to everyone around us; because we are called to be deeply Christian for the common good.


We want to nurture a safe and diverse community of people. Some are physically and mentally well and others are not.  Everyone regardless of age or background is welcome, accepted, in need of unmerited favour and forgiveness. We don't always get it right but nurturing a community of genuine and unbreakable friendships allow for differences of opinions even as we try to love one another in the same way as God has loved us. We are a learning community wanting to bring out the best in one another. We believe that this is best done by learning to receive for ourselves more of God's amazing grace.

You can make a difference 

Can you give £10 a month to support the work of Chatteris Church in our town?  We need your monthly support. Please will you consider making a monthly commitment to support this essential work in our town.  Your financial gift does make a difference! We do not receive any government support. Please consider making a standing order to support your local church.

The account is at Barclays Bank, Huntingdon:

Account Number: 00256684              

Sort Code: 20 - 43 - 63 

Boost your donation by 25 p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer.  

You can click on the following link buttons to make a donation. 


What will you will leave behind for the town? Have you included the parish church in your will? When you leave a legacy to Chatteris church, you are reaching out to people at times of transition or crises. You are also investing in an historic building, keeping it a safe and comfortable meeting place for school visits, worship services and large public gatherings. Legacies provides a significant part of the church's income each year, making it possible for us to support the whole community. When you prepare your will, please remember to favour Chatteris parish church.  Thank you!