What is it exactly?

Is it a bit like poetry? Difficult to pin down. 

Or, is it more like a conversation? 

Something shared. Something grasped. Something understood. 

One thing is for sure; God is not a slot machine.

God is person.

When we pray, someone is listening.  

In fact he waits for us...

Prayer leads us into a relationship which changes everything.

Like a match strike, it sets events in motion I have not yet imagined.

And so we keep on praying  ...


An Invitation 

Come and join us. We are part of a prayer group which meets up each Thursday at 9:30 am in the Bricstan Hall.

We pray about the needs in our town of Chatteris. We also pray for personal concerns as well as the wider concerns of the world.  No experience needed. Everyone is welcome.

Send us your prayer requesT

Your prayer will be kept confidential. We promise to pray over your request. However, we will be unable to respond.   

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* All information from your prayer request will be destroyed and no record will be kept after it has been prayed over.