We can't convince you. All we can do is share that we have found so much more.

We have discovered that the words of Jesus are true when he says: 'I have come in order to give you life to the full. " (John 10.10).

Our lives are being transformed from the inside out as we learn to trust more in Jesus.

Is there more to life than this?

We invite you to explore the question for yourself. You might find that like us, it is a bit like an adventure...  The first step takes some courage, but later you look back and wonder why it ever took so long to get going.  

To explore your questions with others we recommend that you try Alpha. It is a great place to start. Alpha courses are running all the time in Chatteris. Contact us for information about how to book a place. 

"I soon realized it was about a relationship, not about a religion." - Kate Britten, Chatteris

If you would like to explore the Christian faith or refresh your understanding of what Christians believe, then perhaps you can check out this link. Please get in touch to find out more.

“The unexplored life is not worth living!” - Plato