This is the first of ten sessions to take place on Monday afternoons in the Bricstan Hall. 

Jesus  calls us to follow him to become one of his disciples. Anyone who trains, to become an athlete or to learn a new skill, knows the importance of discipline.  Discipline is the art of doing things until they provide a framework for widening and shaping your whole experience of life.  

The Discipleship Course is an introduction to Christian disciplines. Our primary text is the Bible and the course gives a good overview and an introduction to Christian theology. Christian discipleship is always a journey with others, so there will be a small group who will work together to explore God's call and your own vocation. The course will improve your confidence in speaking about Jesus, help you to better understand the Bible, and provide guidance in taking the next step to seeing yourself as a minister.    

Each session includes times for prayer, written work, discussion and worship. Homework is assigned each week. Nothing is marked or assessed but everyone is expected to participate in discussion. 

This course has been designed by the Diocese of Ely as the foundation course for all further training in Authorized Lay Ministry.  (10 sessions)

Places are limited so please speak to Wendy for more information.