The Pasadena Roof Orchestra


Tickets prebooked: £15.00 under 16's free.

Ring for tickets: 01354 669104/692009. Also available at the Greetings Card Shop, 3 High Street, March, 01354 657495 Under 16’s free.

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra is a world class, unique formation which was created over 40 years ago. It has successfully appeared at major concert houses in London, New York, Dubai, Berlin, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpar, and has recorded more than forty albums. The Orchestra has provided music for films, such as the ‘Comedian Harmonists’ (Josef Vilsmaier,) and completed a soundtrack for ‘Just a Gigolo’ 1980 with David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich (her last film). It has appeared at Buckingham Palace (Christmas party 2010), and tonight it comes to Chatteris.

We know we have a wonderful evening in prospect.

The exact programme will be published here whenknown. Refreshments will be served during the interval.